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A Muddied Road to Brexit

BY FRAN BURWELL This post was originally posted by the Atlantic Council. The November 3 ruling by a British High Court that Parliament must vote before the British government invokes Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty has been seen by... Continue Reading →


For goodness sake, can we all just please grow up

The High Court has spoken. The faint glimmer of clarity that March 2017 promised so many has been dulled. We are killing business. A nation of business owners groaned as they learnt that the High Court has ordered a parliamentary... Continue Reading →

Investors withdraw £3.5bn from UK investment funds since Brexit

June saw the largest exodus from investment funds since records began, according to The Daily Telegraph. However experts are warning that some investors who sold funds in June may well end up regretting their decision as predictions of a market... Continue Reading →

A leading UK law firm starts Brexit Advisory Service with a Remain and Leave Heavyweight at the helm

In the aftermath of the vote to leave the EU, a law firm most notably known for its success in the area of cyber-bullying and harassment, has started a Brexit Advisory Services department. Griffin Law gained prominence through being the... Continue Reading →

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