In the aftermath of the vote to leave the EU, a law firm most notably known for its success in the area of cyber-bullying and harassment, has started a Brexit Advisory Services department.

Griffin Law gained prominence through being the first law firm in the world to successfully deliver a High Court Order via Twitter in a case related to impersonation. Even more notable was how they delivered the Order in 2009, at a time before Twitter increased the character limits for direct messages.

donal blaney
Donal Blaney

The firm’s new Brexit department will be headed by the firm’s Principal Donal Blaney, who supported the Leave side, but also by Andrew MacLeod who supported the Remain side.

The move is notable because both men have roots in UK and international politics. Donal Blaney, for instance, is very well connected to the ruling Conservative Party. Andrew MacLeod has strong connections to international charities and is well-known in Australian circles (he’s from Melbourne).


The two should be able to mount an effective branch of the law firm, drawing on their connections and expertise.

A website has already been established and some of the early blog posts offer some thoughtful insight into a post-Brexit future. For example, by looking at areas such as the EU’s upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

The firm’s angle at the time of writing appears to be to ask visitors to their website what Brexit means to them via a survey. It is not yet know what will happen with the results, though some report or publication is considered likely.