The High Court has spoken. The faint glimmer of clarity that March 2017 promised so many has been dulled. We are killing business.

A nation of business owners groaned as they learnt that the High Court has ordered a parliamentary vote before Article 50 can be triggered…to then read on that the Government have repealed it. Just get on with it already! Why add further uncertainty?

“The sooner that it is done the better”, said the former Leave and Remainer campaigners behind Brexit Advisory Services, Andrew MacLeod (a former Remain Campaigner) and Donal Blaney (a former Leave campaigner). We are spending too much time kicking, screaming and throwing our dummies out of the pram. Brexiteer or Remainer…you need to shut up and listen.

An eye opening survey conducted by Brexit Advisory Services reveals that an alarming 37% of Business owners/Directors are concerned about what Brexit may mean for their business. Should that concern turn into frustration and resentment, the UK will be in trouble. For instance, if 37% of business decided to relocate for more stability, there is a potential loss of nearly £16 billion corporation tax (based on the HMRC Corporation Tax Statistics 2014-2015). That figure is forgetting the many and all other economic benefits of business retention.

Business needs structure. How can they plan their future when no one is listening and both sides of the debate are simply yelling at each other? If the court says we need a parliamentary vote then vote. Don’t appeal the decision. Vote now to give the Prime Minister the power she needs to trigger Article 50 so that we can leave the uncertainty behind.

For the sanity of UK business, please grow up.